Are any of Copious Bags® pouches eco-friendly?

We share your concern about the environmental impact of your product packaging. One major concern and the most often asked question is “Are stand-up pouches eco-friendly?” And the quick and simple answer to that question is, yes.

“Eco-friendly” does not have a single definition. Due to the lack of unity on the term ‘eco-friendly’, brands and suppliers decide independently how to describe the category.

We feel like it’s important for us to share what “Mindful Packaging” means to us. Here is where we are today. We will continue to evolve as more research is discovered and as more innovation is created in our space.


Re-Usability Equals Less Waste


Today’s earth-conscious consumer gravitates towards reusable products. The short lifespan of most packaging contributes to the growing problem and excess of waste. Because stand up pouches are resealable and reusable, they produce far less waste than traditional single-use packaging.

4 oz kraft window bag resealable
1 oz Kraft Stand Up Pouches 3×5 : 28 g | Nuts Packaging


Reduced Material and Fuel Cost


As a whole, flexible packaging requires 75% less material to produce the finished product as compared to bottles, jars, and other hard, inflexible rigid packaging. As a result, the packaging weight is 70% lower which equates to lower shipping costs. Because the products weigh less, they require less fuel per unit to transport, and an overall decrease in energy consumption. Which in turn reduces the carbon footprint and lowers the negative impact on the environment.


Recyclable and Post-Consumer Recycled Materials.


All of our bags collections are made with recycled post consumer materials and our Matte Frosted Stand Up Bags and LoPro™ Clear Stand Up Bags are 100% recyclable!

clear stand up pouch bag - 2 oz
transparent spice packaging bags frost - salt and pepper packaging idea


No Outer Packaging Needed


Stand up pouches are virtually a finished product which makes them an ideal eco-friendly packaging choice. Because these pouches are heat sealable, they require no extra packaging material; no boxes, no plastic clamshells, no plastic seals. Once they are labeled, filled, and heat sealed…they are ready for market. Consequently, no extra material or energy is needed to manufacture, store, ship or dispose of that additional packaging material.


Less Landfill Impact


Empty pouches occupy up to 95% less space than their rigid counterparts. Stand up pouches are made with less material, as a result, they generate less waste after disposal. When empty, the pouches are flat, and depending on the size, take up about as much space as a large or small envelope. Therefore they take up very little room in the landfill.

black stand up pouch bag - 2 oz - copious bags


BPA Free & FDA Approved


Copious Bags are made from BPA Free materials and are FDA compliant for direct contact with food.