Our focus is to pair modern design and simplicity, with ease and accessibility —

Since 2013, Copious Bags® has been a manufacturer and distributor of superior stand up bags to various industries including food, health and beauty, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and more. We offer a very select collection of stock stand up bags varying in materials and sizes to create a total and coherent packaging solution. With millions of bags shipped worldwide each year, we have solid expertise in pouch packaging design and logistics.

Whether you are a start-up or an established global brand, we are your packaging source. Our goal is to continue producing exceptional flexible packaging options, provide outstanding service, and to maintain strong and meaningful business relationships throughout the world.

The Copious Team is about results — join us!


One plants, one waters, but God makes it grow and gives the increase. I Corinthians 3:6


Elevate the ordinary, and confound the wise. Corporate we are not. We are real men and women with a real passion for what we do. We focus on the essentials — our products, processes, and people.



Forward-thinking, problem-solving, results-driven warriors at your service. We are a collective of creative individuals with an absolute focus on designing packaging that communicates your brand message.


Our bag collections are designed to have a visual impact and constructed for convenience, functionality and ultimate user-experience. Exquisite packaging will always beckon the intrigued shopper.


Read What Our Customers Have to Say

“We are happy to have found Copious Bags. The quality of the kraft bags is unmatched. The bags are strong, sturdy, and lightweight so we are saving a ton in shipping cost, Thanks so much Copious!.”

Marian C.

“I am quite pleased with the product and the company. I like the small selection as it makes it easier for us guys that hate shopping. It makes sense to only offer the most popular bags and eliminate all the confusion.”


“My order shipped immediately and arrived in perfect condition. The bags exceeded our expectations. They are made exceptionally well. It has been a pleasure and we will continue to order from this company.”

Carolina S.