How do I heat seal a stand up pouch?

Heat sealing gives your customers the ultimate satisfaction that their product is safe and the assurance that their product has never been opened. The bags must have a heat-sealable laminate interior for this process to work. All Copious Bags® products can be heat sealed.

What Do I Need?

  • Stand up bags of your choice
  • A flat smooth work surface
  • A manual heat sealing machine

Simple & Easy Steps:

  1. Set the machine to a lower setting and adjust higher if needed*.
  2. Fill the bag with desired contents (avoid getting any product into zipper area and do not over fill the bag).
  3. Gently run your fingers across the zipper to close the bag securely.
  4. Place the top of the filled bag between the seal bars, just “above the tear notches’.
  5. Press down gently for approximately 2-3 seconds and release.

That’s it! …the pouch now has a finished, tamper-evident seal.

*If the bag does not seal properly, begin to slowly adjust the temperature higher until a complete seal is achieved.

**Heat sealing is an optional feature and is not required to use Copious Bags® stand up pouches as they all have a reclosable zip lock closure.