Popcorn Packaging

Perhaps no food or snack product screams “fun” quite as loudly as popcorn. Modern societies associate it with entertainment and festive events such as carnivals, circuses, and of course the movies. Many moviegoers have abandoned the overpriced theater concession stands in favor of enjoyable evenings in front of the TV, a full bowl of popcorn at the ready. Maybe that’s how Americans manage to eat 16 billion quarts of the stuff each year.

However, the only good popcorn is fresh popcorn; even a small period of exposure to ambient air and moisture can turn it into a stale, tough, chewy, tasteless mess. This makes your choice of packaging method critical.

Those twist-tied bags of popcorn that take up so much space on store shelves don’t protect their contents for long. Neither do the attractive but hardly airtight tins associated with holiday popcorn gifts. The only kind of packaging that can preserve pre-popped corn reasonably well makes use of airtight materials and resealable tops that genuinely seal.

The visual appearance of your popcorn containers matters almost as much as their ability to protect their contents. Decades of microwave popcorn sales and consumption have caused Americans to associate fresh-tasting popcorn with bags.

Wholesale Popcorn Packaging

The right wholesale popcorn packaging can make all the difference in your success selling popcorn to a mass market in the competitive field of snacks.

Copious Bas is the logical choice when you’re looking for a reliable, cost-effective provider of wholesale popcorn packaging. We can deliver any quantity of airtight bags that protect your perishable products against the effects of air and humidity.

We can serve as your wholesale packaging warehouse, with shipments going out as you need them (with no shipping fee or orders of $499 or more.) Delivery throughout the contiguous U.S. takes 1 to 4 business days, with most international orders delivered within 20 business days.

Popcorn packaged in a transparent stand up gusset back


Keep your brand name continuously on the minds of your customer. The reusable feature results in a huge reduction of waste compared to traditional single-use packaging.


Package your product in a convenient, airtight zipper bag that provides barrier protection & keeps your product fresher longer, while dramatically extending the shelf life.


Airtight food packaging bags are essential to maintaining the freshness of your dried fruits and nuts. Package your products properly & choose bags from our heat seal air-tight bags.

Benefits of Stand Up Pouch Packaging

Copious Bags stand up pouches offer numerous features and advantages to enhance your product line.

Packaging pouch containing popcorn

Stand up pouches are reusable and resealable for multiple uses — keeping the contents fresh and free from odors, moisture, and oxygen in an airtight environment. 

Heat sealed bags provide a tamper-evident finish that customers have come to expect. Heat sealing extends product shelf life, maintains freshness, and ensures food safety.

Consumers value convenience. Our stand up pouches are designed with easy to open tear-notches, resealable airtight zippers, and take up less shelf space than traditional rigid bottles, cans, and jars.

Stand up pouches provide an all-in-one package solution; no caps, lids, or inserts required. Flexible packaging typically costs three to six times less per unit than rigid packaging.

Stand up bags prominently show off your products on store shelves. The flat exterior surface provides ample space for branding and product information. Adds marketable value and distinction to your product line.

Our pouches are shipped and are stored flat — requiring far less warehouse space. In addition, the light-weight of stand up bags dramatically lowers shipping cost when compared to bottles, jars, cans, and other rigid containers.

Stand Up Pouches for Popcorn Products


Copious Bags Stand Up Pouches

Copious Bags’ stand up pouches have become the perfect packaging option for brands looking to transition out of traditional packaging such as rigid jars, bottles, and tins.

6x9 LuxeFrost stand up bag-copious bags
kraft clear stand up pouch - 8oz 6x9 - copious bags
black kraft clear pouch spice packaging
Popcorn packaged in a transparent stand up gusset back
Transparent bag of popcorn next to salt and chocolate

Popcorn Packaging Bags

You’ll love the way our resealable stand up gusset bags protect your popcorn. Whether you choose our lined kraft paper options or a clear plastic alternative, your popcorn will stay as fresh as it was when it went into the bag.

The party doesn’t have to end after the consumer opens the bag, either, thanks to a top zipper that prevents continued air or moisture exposure. This extra freshness will make your popcorn a better value than anything in a tin or twist-tie bag.

Paper packaging looks right at home when it’s wrapped around fresh, delicious popcorn. Our natural kraft paper bags evoke a just-made, down-home look that suits this kind of snack perfectly. If you’d rather brand your product as gourmet popcorn, you might instead go for our elegant black kraft paper bags.

Both kinds of bags include options for clear front panels or windows that allow your good-looking popcorn to all but sell itself. Meanwhile, the gusset design of the bags literally makes your product stand out by standing up.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right size Copious Bag® stand up pouch?

When choosing the right size bags for your products, it’s important to keep in mind the height and the volume of the product you are packaging.  The volume of your product plays a major role in choosing the right sized stand-up bag. For example, fine salt takes up less volume than whole coffee beans. The bulkier the product, the more space required. We suggest always going one size larger to accommodate your product. So this brings us to three measurements that might be helpful in finding the right size pouch for your product. Those three measurements are the fillable area, the area above the zipper.

The fillable area refers to the measurement of the bag below the zipper line to the bottom of the bag.The space above the zipper is often used to apply labels/stickers. It is also the area that can be heat sealed to preserve your product and to ensure a tamper-evident seal above the tear notches. It’s very important to remember that this area is included in the overall dimensions of the bags BUT it is not a fillable area. We have seen it so many times, where someone assumes that a bag size of 4″ x 6″ for example, will fit their product measuring 4″ x 5″ (sorry, but it’s not going to fit).

Our 1 oz stand-up pouch bags are specifically designed for single servings, and trial sizes.

Our 2 oz stand-up pouch bags are our most popular size and are designed for small items, or products.

Our 4 oz stand-up pouch bags are for medium products.

Our 8 oz stand-up pouch bags are our largest size and is ideal for larger bulkier products.

Are any of Copious Bags® pouches eco-friendly or recyclable?

We appreciate your concern about the environmental impact of our products.

Copious Bags® stand up pouches are an eco-friendly packaging alternative to traditional bottles, cans, and box packaging. Because they are made of lightweight materials and require 75-90% less material to produce, they reduce energy consumption and produce less CO2 emissions. The lightweight construction our bags is far more economical to transport than rigid packaging which saves on fuel cost and consumption. The bags ship flat and take up less space than jars, bottles, and cans. The bags are reusable and require no additional outer packaging for retail, therefore, they drastically reduce unnecessary waste and take up far less landfill space.

Our Matte Frosted Stand Up Bags and LoPro™ Clear Stand Up Bags are indeed 100% recyclable! Our Kraft Stand Up Pouch Collections are made with recyclable materials, however, due to the multi-layered construction of the bags, they are not classified as recyclable. And here’s why. Water is required to recycle paper, whereas, heat is required to recycle plastic and aluminum foil. Therefore, because the recycling methods for each material are different, our kraft bags are not classified as recyclable.

Also, please note that all of our bags meet all the requirements of the FDA for direct contact with food and they are BPA free. In general, stand up pouches saves more resources than it consumes.

Are Copious Bags® stand up pouches BPA free?

Yes. All of Copious Bags® products are BPA Free.

Can I order product samples?

Yes, and we make ordering samples quick and easy. To ensure your ultimate satisfaction with the size, material, and compatibility of our bags with your product, you may order samples of each style and size by visiting our samples page.

All sample orders placed before 1pm PST will ship the same business day.