Zipper Bags

If you’ve spent any time using resealable bags at home, you know what it feels like to have a bag’s zipper close firmly and securely beneath your fingers. That feeling is your reassurance that whatever’s inside that bag will remain fresh for as long as possible.

If you want to offer that reassurance to your own customers, you should give serious thought to shipping and selling your perishable products in bags that include these handy zippers. Here at Copious Bags, we can provide you with zipper bags that also include numerous other features to help keep contents fresh.

Anatomy of a Resealable Zipper

A typical resealable zipper bag contains two zipper strips on opposing sides of the bag’s interior, aligned so that they mesh together near the top of the bag. J-shaped grooves on one strip interlock with pointed hooks on the other strip when the two strips are pressed together, forming an airtight seal that can be opened and closed at will.

Just above the zipper strip, you’ll likely see little notches at the top of the sealed bag. These notches allow you to tear away the topmost bag material without damaging the zipper assembly or the body of the bag.

Resealable zippers represent surprisingly old technology, with the earliest patent dating back to 1950. Over the decades that followed, a lot of science has gone into perfecting this technology, making today’s zipper bags more reliable and easier to use than ever.

Many consumers have come to expect or prefer some form of resealable zipper on the products they purchase. If you want to compete with the sheer convenience and practicality offered by major brands that use resealable zipper bags, you’ll want to make sure you package your own products in this manner — especially if you sell highly perishable goods such as coffee, tea, or spices.

A Variety of Choices from Copious Bags

Copious bags can meet your need for zipper bags with our state-of-the-art resealable product pouches. These products open and close easily, but they also retain a firm, airtight seal to protect your products against needless, damaging exposure to oxygen and moisture. Other aspects of our pouches’ construction enhance this protection, from the BPA-free plastics to the foil-lined Japanese kraft paper.

You’ll find that you have a multitude of choices when selecting zipper pouches from Copious Bags. Our DuraKraft™ bags are available in unbleached kraft paper that offers a handcrafted look as well as plenty of room for the labeling of your choice. The DuraKraft™ bags are also available in black kraft paper that can help certain logo designs stand out while also adding elegance to the overall presentation.

For clear zipper bags or frosted-matte zipper bags you can choose either from our LoPro™ clear bags or our LuxeFrost™ zipper bags. Check out our entire zipper bag lineup and place an order today!

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