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Stand Up Pouch Bags

Copious Bags® are available in seven zip pouch styles and four bag finishes — natural kraft and black kraft paper pouch, with or without a window, matte frosted, and a clear poly pouch.

clear plastic food packaging bags

LuxeFrost™ Collection

kraft stand up pouch with window packaging

KraftVue™ Collection

Kraft stand up bags with rectangle window

clear stand up pouch bag - 2 oz

LoPro™ Collection

Low-Profile stand up bags


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Featured Products

Resealable Stand Up Bags

Looking for an airtight, reclosable, heat sealable packaging option? Our light-weight stand up pouches are the packaging choice for brands looking to transition out of traditional rigid packaging such as bottles, jars, and tins.

Benefits of Stand Up Pouch Packaging

Copious Bags® stand up pouches offer numerous features and advantages to enhance your product line.

Black Kraft Poly spice packaging bags copious bags

Stand up pouches are reusable and resealable for multiple uses — keeping the contents fresh and free from odors, moisture, and oxygen in an airtight environment. 

Heat-sealed bags provide a tamper-evident finish that customers have come to expect. Heat sealing extends product shelf life, maintains freshness, and ensures food safety.

Consumers value convenience. Our stand-up pouches are designed with easy to open tear-notches, resealable airtight zippers, and take up less shelf space than traditional rigid bottles, cans, and jars.

Stand-up pouches provide an all-in-one package solution; no caps, lids, or inserts required. Flexible packaging typically costs three to six times less per unit than rigid packaging.

Stand-up bags prominently show off your products on store shelves. The flat exterior surface provides ample space for branding and product information. Adds marketable value and distinction to your product line.

Our pouches are shipped and are stored flat — requiring far less warehouse space. In addition, the light weight of stand up bags dramatically lowers shipping costs compared to bottles, jars, cans, and other rigid containers.