Bath Bomb Packaging that Changes the Way You Market Your Products

Bath Bomb Packaging

Bath bombs or bath fizzers enjoy an enthusiastic target audience. These spheres of aromatic essential oils and flavors turn a routine bath time experience into a soothingly luxurious experience. So it’s no wonder that bath bombs have become a popular addition to countless shopping carts.

While some sellers package their bath bombs in boxes, it’s all too easy for the product to lose some of its fragrance unless it also has airtight packaging around it. Even worse, any unwanted moisture that penetrates a simple cardboard box may cause the bath bombs to fizz prematurely, wrecking the product before the customer even has a chance to purchase it.

Bath bombs contain a blend of dry and wet ingredients. A formulation of scents, lathering agents, moisturizers, and sometimes coloring agents combined with a base of bicarbonate and citric acid is most common. These ingredients remain stable until they encounter water. As soon as they get wet, the reaction between acid and base causes them to fizz, filling the bathwater with a pleasant aroma, color, and consistency.

Most bath bombs assume a familiar spherical shape, but they can also be produced in tablets or other shapes as desired. Mass production techniques can pump out huge numbers of bath bombs for in-store or online wholesale and retail sales. However, the packaging of these products takes a certain amount of care and consideration.

For these reasons, you should give serious consideration when choosing a packaging solution that protects your bath bombs against moisture while also locking in those desirable aromas and other features. Fortunately, you can find those options right here at Copious Bags, your home for moisture-proof stand up packages.

Depending on your brand message, we offer a variety of bath bomb packaging styles and sizes. If you are looking for a waterproof stand-up pouch, then either our LuxeFrost™  or our LoPro™ Collections will be an ideal choice. If you lean toward a more natural, handcrafted vibe, you might favor our KraftVue™  or our KraftPoly™ Collections. Both feature a clear viewing window to allow customers to see and appreciate the uniqueness of your products.

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8 oz matte frosted stand up pouches - bath salt packaging

Extend the shelf life of your products— discover the benefits of resealable and reusable bags.

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2 oz Kraft Stand Up Pouch with Window 4×6.5 : 60 g - laundry soap packaging bag

Eco-friendly Packaging

As a whole, flexible packaging requires 75% less material to produce the finished product than bottles, jars, and other hard, inflexible, rigid packaging.

Reusable & Resealable

Stand up pouches are reusable and resealable for multiple uses — keeping the contents fresh and free from odors, moisture, and oxygen in an airtight environment. 

Heat Sealable

Heat-sealed bags provide a tamper-evident finish that customers have come to expect. Heat sealing extends product shelf life, maintains freshness, and ensures food safety.

Cost Savings

Stand up pouches provide an all-in-one package solution; no caps, lids, or inserts are required. Flexible packaging typically costs three to six times less per unit than rigid packaging.

What is mindful packaging?

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AMAZING PRODUCT AND GREAT SERVICE! I currently use two collections for my products; the DuraKraft™ and the KraftPoly™. The products are amazing and the customer service is exceptional. I am a raving fan for sure.

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Showcase your bath bombs in airtight and reusable packaging

Wholesale Bath Bomb Packaging

Copious Bags® makes wholesale bath bomb packaging simple, elegant, affordable, and effective. We offer a reliable, plentiful inventory of ready-to-ship stock bags in sizes and styles that will suit your bath bomb packaging needs.

In most cases, your bags will ship on the same day that you order them. Domestic shipping with the contiguous U.S. typically takes 1 to 4 days for delivery. Allow 1 to 3 weeks for international order delivery.

Depending on the size of your wholesale bath bomb packaging orders, you can enjoy substantial bulk-rate discounts starting at 5,000 pcs. and an even larger discount at 20,000 pcs. We even offer bulk warehousing options.

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Packaging with bath bomb and salts

Bath Bomb Packaging

Stand up pouches from Copious Bags® ensure that you’ll never have to worry whether your bath bombs survive the elements. Our airtight stand up pouches can be heat sealed to keep freshness and aroma in while keeping Mother Nature out. Zipper-top resealable pouches allow customers to maintain their bath bombs’ optimal freshness long after they first open the packaging.

You’ll find that you have several aesthetically pleasing standup pouch options to choose from when you buy your bath bomb packaging from Copious Bags®. While a natural kraft paper finish will convey a artisan, hand-crafted look and feel, whereas our black kraft paper finish conveys premium elegance and allows your logo to “pop,” you’ll most likely want your buyers actually to see the beautiful bath bombs.

We offer stand up barrier bags that combine kraft paper with transparent windows including both partial windows and full-sized clear panels; KraftVue™ or our KraftPoly™ Collections. You can also go with fully- plastic clear or frosted plastic barrier pouches that give buyers a complete view of your bath bombs available in our LuxeFrost™ and our LoPro™ Collections — while still offering the protection and long shelf life you need and expect.


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