Stand Up Barrier Pouches

Stand up barrier pouches are dominating the packaging world. The simplicity and versatility of food safe stand up pouches have prompted many retail brands to transition out of bulky, rigid packaging like jars, bottles, and cans. Another key motivator in the migration is that stand up pouch packaging is stored flat, whereby saving valuable retail space. And, because they are extremely lightweight, businesses are saving literally thousands of dollars on shipping and freight costs annually.

Typically there are 2-3 layers in the construction of stand up barrier pouches. There is an outer layer, a middle layer, and an inner layer. Each layer provides a barrier of protection to protect and preserve the contents from environmental elements including moisture, UV light, oxygen, and external odors. Copious Bags® resealable zipper pouches are designed with multiple layers of barrier materials that have been laminated together to create one continuous sheet. The barrier materials and bag construction determine the durability and shelf life of your stand up pouch packaging. The chosen materials also determine the potential risk of bag punctures, leaks, and tears. Therefore, choosing higher quality stand up pouch bags will ultimately mean fewer problems down the road.

Black Stand Up Barrier Pouches

Kraft Stand Up Barrier Pouches

Copious Bags® offers the most sought-after styles and materials including, natural kraft paper, black kraft paper, clear, and our matte frosted. If you are looking to showcase your brand’s unique qualities like the texture, color, and ingredients, we suggest packaging your product line in either our kraft bag with window, our frosted stand up pouch, or clear pouch packaging.

The stand up pouch packaging you choose communicates your brand message and is what draws a customer to your product. When it comes to packaging your products, you want to avoid using cheap, poorly constructed stand up pouch packaging. Insist on Copious Bags®. There is no substitute.

Frosted Stand Up Barrier Pouches

Kraft Window Barrier Pouches

Clear Stand Up Barrier Pouches