Kraft Stand Up Pouch Collection

Our DuraKraft™ collection is available in natural kraft paper and black kraft paper. Each zipper pouch is constructed with a foil-lined, food-grade laminate interior to provide the highest barrier protection against oxygen, moisture, and UV light.


Meet the DuraKraft™ Collection

DuraKraft™ stand up zipper pouches are strong and durable. The bags are foil-lined with a laminated food-grade interior and a natural kraft exterior.

The DuraKraft™ Collection is an excellent choice for brands looking for quality kraft paper packaging that protect, preserve, and extends the product’s shelf life. Our natural kraft pouches have an artisan, handmade appeal that customers are drawn to.

Elevate the kraft experience with our DuraKraft™ black stand up pouches. These resealable zipper pouches add distinction and character to your product line by artfully challenging the way we define kraft.

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