Heat Seal Bags

Heat seal bags offer several benefits and advantages. The primary benefit is that heat seal packaging provides a tamper-evident seal while keeping your product fresher, longer. In fact, many retailers require products to be sealed to protect against tampering and to assure the safety of the product. Unlike other tamper sealing methods like shrink-bands or special closures, Copious Bags® heat seal bags provide a clean, finished look.

Reasons to Choose Heat Seal Packaging

A key reason top brands are choosing heat sealable food grade bags as their food packaging choice is that you can essentially fill and seal them easily. A manual heat sealer machine (other common names are bag sealer or impulse sealer) is the heat sealing tool used to achieve a professional finish. This heat sealing tool is easy to operate and makes sealing our food grade bags effortless. Do keep in mind that heat sealing is optional, and is not required to use our stand up pouch packaging. You can be assured that Copious Bags® heat seal bags are designed with a durable reclosable zipper closure for easy opening and reclosing.

Your customers will appreciate knowing that the product they purchased has not been compromised or tampered with. Consumers are far more loyal to brands they can trust. Gaining a customers confidence is paramount when marketing and building your brand.

5 Easy Steps to Heat Seal Bags:

  1. Set the machine to a lower setting and adjust higher, if needed.
  2. Fill the bag with desired contents (avoid getting any product into zipper area and do not overfill the bag).
  3. Gently run your fingers across the zipper to close the bag securely.
  4. Place the top of the filled bag between the seal bars, just “above the tear notches’.
  5. Press down gently for approximately 2-3 seconds and release.

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