Gusset Bags

Change the way you sell— Stand out on the shelf using gusset bags!

Looking for high-quality, gusset bags? Copious Bags® offers stand up pouches that are the packaging choice for brands looking to transition out of traditional rigid packaging such as bottles, jars, and tins.


Gusset Bag Pouches

Have you previously dismissed bags or pouches as a packaging form factor for your products? Maybe you assumed that a bag would prove too flimsy, impractical, or limited in volume for your needs.

In that case, you need to consider the powerful benefits of gusset bags. Gusset bag pouches from Copious Bags feature designs that allow our pouches to hold more product, stand up on a store shelf or countertop, and present an attractive package for your target audience of consumers.


Why Gussets Matter for Packaged Products

A typical basic plastic or paper pouch can stretch outward only so far, depending on the materials used, before it either splits down the seams or simply refuses to accept any more product.

This limitation can prevent manufacturers from putting more than tiny amounts of their products into the pouches with any assurance that the packages will hold up through distribution, stocking, and home usage.

Furthermore, these pouches will lie flat unless the shelves actually prop them upright, which can limit display options in stores and make the product more inconvenient for consumers to use.

Gussets solve these challenges. A gusset is an extra amount of material included along the bottom and/or sides of a container. As more and more contents enter the container, the extra material permits the container to expand. In its fully loaded form, a gusseted bag or pouch may form a flat, stable bottom surface that enables it to stand upright independently.

Choose From a Wide Range of Gusset Bags

You’ll find many kinds of gusset bags to choose from at Copious Bags. Depending on your brand image and labeling preferences, you may want to select one of our plain paper pouches – Our DuraKraft™ bags are made with fine Japanese natural kraft paper, or you might go with a classy black paper variant. Either paper choice features a foil/poly lining to help lock in freshness, along with resealable tops and easy-open tear tabs.

Want to put your products proudly on display? We offer gusset bags with rectangle viewing windows. Our KraftVue™ bags give customers a sneak peek at the goodies within. You can also purchase gusset bags that feature a completely clear front panel by offering our KraftPoly™. We even offer LoPro™ gusset bags made entirely of recyclable clear plastic or our LuxeFrost™ bags that are frosted matte recyclable plastic, both bag styles reveal the pouch’s contents in all their glory.

Whichever type of gusset bag you choose, you’re making the responsible choice when you go with Copious Bags. We make our bags out of the highest quality materials that are BPA-free, and FDA compliant for direct contact with food. 

Additionally, you can fit more of our flexible gusset bags into your shipping vehicles at less weight per unit, giving you more cost-effective and environmentally sustainable delivery. Start filling out your packaging needs more effectively — order our gusset bags today!


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