Coffee pouches

Coffee and tea lovers all over the world place a premium on product freshness. Delicate coffee grounds, beans, and tea leaves deserve a white-golve treatment in the form of high-quality airtight packaging.

At the same time, many of the same consumers who prize fresh coffee and tea so highly, also prize environmental and economic sustainability, and tend to purchase fair trade products in support of these efforts.

If you sell fine coffees and/or teas, you can appeal to taste buds and consciences alike by packaging your products in our coffee pouches.

With Copious Bags, you’ll never have to worry about the freshness of your coffee and tea products. Our combination of an airtight seal, Japanese kraft paper, and the foil/poly lining of our DuraKraft™ bags keep the coffee or tea completely fresh all the way to the point of purchase or delivery.

Better yet, our bags’ resealable tops allow your customers to lock that freshness in with every use, lending your products greater attractiveness and competitiveness in the bustling coffee and tea market.

Kraft Paper, Clear Windows, and Other Options

You’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for when you choose from Copious Bags’ coffee and tea packaging options.

If you want something that appeals to the organic foods crowd, for instance, natural kraft paper conveys a sense of handmade care and attention to detail, while also supporting the ideals of sustainability and eco-friendliness.

If you want to give your coffee or tea a more elegant presentation, consider our DuraKraft™ bags available black kraft paper or our KraftPoly™ standup bags also available in black kraft paper.

If you’d like to tease your target audience with the promise of what lies ahead, choose our KraftVue™ bags that sport a rectangle viewing window or our KraftPoly™ that features a full-sized clear panel. (The full-sized clear panel makes an especially good choice when you’re trying to show off the enticingly colorful leaves so many specialty teas and herbal blends.)

If you’d rather have an recyclable plastic pouch instead of kraft paper, Copious Bags has got your back in that area, too. Our LuxeFrost™ bags are frosted-matte plastic and our LoPro™ bags are clear plastic pouches, both with airtight construction, resealable tops, and easy-to-open top tabs. The frosted-matte finish offers both visibility and a degree of mystique, while the clear plastic finish offers total “what you see is what you get” transparency for discerning buyers.

Make a Money-Saving, Eco-Friendly Choice

All our coffee pouches are BPA free and FDA compliant for direct contact with food. Their collapsibility and light weight make them extremely cost-effective to ship and store, even to the point of requiring less fuel to transport. All of these features add up to a remarkable eco-friendly product that saves money even as it helps to save the environment.

If you’re looking for a classy, attractive, practical, environmentally responsible pouch for your coffee or tea products, browse our selection and place your first order with us today!

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