Barrier Bags

As you may know all too well from hard-earned experience, the outside world usually does packaged goods no favors. This is especially true for delicate products that may lose their appeal due to environmental conditions. For example, spices, tea, and coffee can quickly lose their fresh flavor and aroma after being exposed to air.

Moisture infiltration can completely destroy vulnerable products. If you have to maintain the most favorable conditions for your products without resorting to bulky cans, you’ll want to package them in barrier bags. Copious Bags can provide a wide range of barrier bags for any and every application.

What Are Barrier Bags?

The term “barrier bags” applies to any bag, pouch, or other container designed to prevent dirt, oxygen, moisture, bacteria, or other contaminants from penetrating them and damaging the products they contain. The nature of material itself may provide the necessary barrier.

For instance, a simple paper bag could easily fall apart due to water damage or tear open to expose the contents within. By contrast, a non-porous plastic bag would resist the effects of water and tear less easily than paper.

Barrier bags also feature airtight seals. Heat-sealing the tops of the bags after the product has been inserted guarantees that the product cannot fall out of the bag while also ensuring long-term freshness.

This freshness can be maintained for an even longer period if you use bags with resealable zippers. This type of barrier bag can keep products fresh even after the bag has been opened for initial use. This feature helps make your product more desirable to consumers who might not want to use the entire product all at once or store the leftovers in some other airtight container.

A Variety of Barrier Bags to Suit Your Needs

If you’re looking for a variety of barrier bag options for your products, look no further than Copious Bags. We can equip you with barrier bags made entirely of plastic, featuring either a perfectly transparent finish of our LoPro™ clear bags or a frosted finish of our LuxeFrost™ bags to display the product’s visual appeal.

We also make barrier bags out of high-quality kraft paper. Our DuraKraft™ bags are available in natural unbleached kraft paper or a rich black kraft paper finish. You don’t have to worry about the durability and protective properties of these paper barrier bags — we have lined them with a foil and poly interior to protect the contents’ freshness throughout their shelf life.

If you are looking for packaging that showcases your products, our KraftVue™ bags or our KraftPoly™ bags are available with clear windows. You’ll also appreciate that our bags can be heat-sealed to keep contaminants out and freshness in. Once the consumer tears away the top of the bag, our resealable zippers allow for use after use while still offering optimal protection. Order yours today!

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