Can I package oily or wet products in Copious Bag® stand up pouches?

This is a tricky question. The answer is yes and no; kraft stand up bags can be used to package oily and wet products. However, they are not specifically designed to handle water and are not waterproof. Kraft stand up bags are made with an outer layer of uncoated natural kraft paper. Paper in and of itself is not waterproof so when oil or water gets on paper…it stains.

We all know this. But how is this so, when you see so many products such as bath salts, body creams, body scrubs, and many other high oil content products being packaged in these kraft bags with no oil or water stains evident. It all comes down to how careful you are with the handling and filling the bags.

Three things to keep in mind when packaging oily and wet products (in kraft pouches):

  • The outer layer of the bag is made of uncoated natural paper (oil & water on paper will stain).
  • Oil or water that gets in the zipper line will not allow the bag to close securely causing leakage.
  • These bags are not designed to handle 100% liquid products.
  • Bags made with a layer of aluminum foil offer the best barrier protection.

If you looking for recyclable packaging, specifically, bath product packaging that is airtight, and waterproof, our Matte Frost Stand Up Pouch and LoPro™ Clear Stand Up Pouch Collections are your best option. Copious Bags® Matte Frosted transparent packaging and our LoPro™ clear pouch packaging are ideal for products that are stored and used in the bath and kitchen. These resealable pouches are perfect packaging for bath and body products.

For more information, check our Markets We Serve section to discover the many other industries that use resealable food bags, including Spices and Herb Packaging, Coffee and Tea Packaging and other exciting industries we serve.