How do I choose the right size stand up pouch?

Copious Bags® are available in 5 different styles, ranging from natural kraft stand up bags to matte frosted stand-up bags. To choose your perfect size bag, please watch the videos below, which demonstrates the differences between each size.

When choosing the suitable size bags for your products, it’s essential to keep in mind the height and the volume of the product you are packaging. The volume of your product plays a significant role in choosing the right-sized stand-up bag.

For example, fine salt takes up less volume than whole coffee beans—the bulkier the product, the more space required. We suggest always going one size larger to accommodate your product. So this brings us to three measurements that might be helpful in finding the right size pouch for your product. Those three measurements are the fillable area, the area above the zipper.

The fillable area is below the zipper line to the bottom of the bag. The space above the zipper can be heat sealed to extend the product shelf life and provide a tamper-evident seal above the tear notches. It’s imperative to remember that this area is included in the overall dimensions of the bags, BUT it is not a fillable area. We have seen it so many times, where someone assumes that a bag size of 4″ x 6″, for example, will fit their product measuring 4″ x 5″ (sorry, but it’s not going to work).

Stand Up Pouch Sizes 1 oz bags, 2 oz bags, 4 oz bags, 8oz bags

Our 3×5 stand-up pouch bags are best for single servings or small items.

Our 4×6.5 stand-up pouch bags are designed for small to medium products.

Our 5×8 stand-up pouch bags are for medium products.

Our 6×9 stand-up pouch bags is our largest bag and is best for larger bulkier products.