Resealable Pouches

One major advantage of using resealable pouches is – convenience. Consumers not only appreciate this feature, they have come to expect it. Reseable pouches eliminates the frustration of having to clip, tie, or twist a package closed once it’s been opened. The ability to open and reclose a package for multiple uses is unmatched. Whether your specialty is spices and herbs, coffee and tea, or even bath and body products, the ability to open, close and store your products in resealable zipper pouches is a win-win for you and the customer. In addition, resealable zipper pouches are super easy to package your products in – you simply fill and seal them.

Another key benefit of resealable zipper pouches is that they are an excellent eco-friendly packaging option. Socially-conscious consumers are moving away from single-use packaging and are looking for brands that offer earth-friendly packaging that is refillable, reusable, and resealable.

As a whole, flexible packaging requires 75% less material to produce the finished product as compared to bottles, jars, and other rigid packaging. As a result, the packaging weight is 70% lower which equates to lower shipping costs. Because the products weigh less, they require less fuel per unit to transport, and an overall decrease in energy consumption. Which in turn reduces the carbon footprint and lowers the negative impact on the environment. Not only does stand up pouch packaging weigh about the same as an envelope, they also take up about the same amount of space. Stand up pouch packaging are shipped and stored flat. In turn, you save valuable warehousing and storage space as well.

For brands looking for quality stand up pouches, for food and non-food items, Copious Bags® resealable pouches are designed with a food grade laminate interior to protect and preserve your products.

Kraft Resealable Pouches

Frosted Resealable Pouches

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