Mindfulness in motion.

We have always believed that Copious Bags®  can – and should – have a positive impact on the small businesses, entrepreneurs, and creatives we serve.

One person, one bag, one business at a time.

a simpler way to package.

As we have grown to now serving thousands of customers worldwide, so too has our commitment to spread the message of mindful packaging, powerful branding, and the role and responsibility of entrepreneurs and small businesses across the globe.

At Copious Bags®, we recognize that we have a responsibility to deliver outstanding products. Delivering thoughtful packaging that is better for all; the environment and for our customers. The mindful packaging movement is not only about sustainability, it about choosing packaging that aligns with your craft and expresses your distinct brand message, and truly offers an enjoyable experience. Think re-usable, re-closable, re-fillable – it makes a world of difference.

do more with less.

Less plastic. Less space. Less waste. Do away with the unnecessary, focus on the essentials, embrace simplicity.

package with purpose.

Mindfully choose the aesthetics, the functionality, and the user experience of your packaging. Think re-useable. re-fillable. re-sealable. Be on purpose.

craft authenticity.

Establish your creativity, your uniqueness, your it – that thing which distinguishes you from all others. Be an original, cultivate your vision.

brand with clarity.

Align your craft and your packaging to express your distinct brand message. Be intentional with your message. Make a statement, and own it.

It is our vision that together we will elevate with our partners, customers, suppliers, and neighbors to be more mindful of our packaging choices, our branding messages, and to be conscious of how and in what manner we share our unique products. As innovators, leaders & contributors to a global community, our shared hope is that everyone we touch can endure & thrive.

In the end, it’s about thinking, understanding, and doing entrepreneurship differently. Being mindful of how your brand and the packaging you choose impacts people and the world around us.