About Stand Up Pouches and Product Compatability

How do I choose the right size stand up bag?

When choosing the right size bags for your products, it’s important to keep in mind the height and the volume of the product you are packaging.  The volume of your product plays a major role in choosing the right sized stand-up bag.

For example, fine salt takes up less volume than whole coffee beans. The bulkier the product, the more space required. We suggest always going one size larger to accommodate your product. So this brings us to three measurements that might be helpful in finding the right size pouch for your product. Those three measurements are the fillable area, the area above the zipper.

The fillable area refers to the measurement of the bag below the zipper line to the bottom of the bag.The space above the zipper is often used to apply labels/stickers. It is also the area that can be heat sealed to preserve your product and to ensure a tamper evident seal above the tear notches. It’s very important to remember that this area is included in the overall dimensions of the bags BUT it is not a fillable area. We have seen it so many times, where someone assumes that a bag size of 4″ x 6″ for example, will fit their product measuring 4″ x 5″ (sorry, but it’s not going to fit).

Our 1 oz stand-up pouch bags are specifically designed for single servings, and trial sizes.

Our 2 oz stand-up pouch bags is our most popular size and are designed for small items, or products.

Our 4 oz stand-up pouch bags is for medium products.

Our 8 oz stand-up pouch bags is our largest bag and is catered for larger bulkier products.

How do I order product samples?

We make ordering samples quick and easy. To ensure your ultimate satisfaction with the size, material, and compatibility of our bags with your product, you may order samples of this product by clicking here.

All sample orders placed before 1pm PST/4pm EST will ship the same business day.

Can I have my Copious Bags® stand up pouches custom printed?

We can provide Copious Bags customers with a resource for custom printing and/or label printing. Simply send us an email to hello@CopiousBags.com with your customer or order number.

Please note: Many customers prefer to label their products due to potential changes in ingredients, product names, weights, etc.

Which Copious Bags® pouches are waterproof?

If you require a stand-up bag that is airtight and waterproof, the Matte Frost Collection is your best option. The matte frosted pouch is ideal for products that are stored and used in the bath and kitchen. They are perfect for bath scrubs, bath salts, herbs, spices, and other specialty items you want to keep dry and free from moisture.

Are any of Copious Bags® pouches eco-friendly or recyclable?

We appreciate your concern about the environmental impact of our products.

Copious Bags® stand up pouches are an eco-friendly packaging alternative to traditional bottles, cans, and box packaging. Because they are made of lightweight materials and require 75-90% less material to produce, they reduce energy consumption and produce less CO2 emissions. The lightweight construction our bags is far more economical to transport than rigid packaging which saves on fuel cost and consumption. The bags ship flat and take up less space than jars, bottles, and cans. The bags are reusable and require no additional outer packaging for retail, therefore, they drastically reduce unnecessary waste and take up far less landfill space.

All of our kraft paper stand up bags are made with recycled kraft paper and a food grade laminate interior. For recycling purposes, water is required to recycle paper and the laminate interior requires heat. Because these two materials are laminated together, our bags are not classified as recyclable. However, they will biodegrade within two years (about the same time required for a wool sock).

Also, please note that all of our bags meet all the requirements of the FDA for direct contact with food and they are BPA free. In general, stand up pouches saves more resources than it consumes.

How is a stand-up pouch made?

So what is a stand up pouch? Simply put, it’s bag/pouch that has the ability to stand on its own. The original stand up pouch design was actually patented in 1968. However, it wasn’t until the patent expired did the stand up pouch revolution begin. The stand up pouch design and construction have evolved over the years to include innovative design features like the reclosable zipper, convenient tear notches for easy opening, and some styles have a window for easy viewing. Today, the stand up bag is the go-to packaging choice for many well-known brands. Companies are using these airtight bags for candy packaging, coffee packaging, tea packaging, pet packaging, beauty product packaging, and more.

A stand up pouch is made of multiple layers of barrier materials that have been laminated together to create one continuous sheet. The barrier materials and bag construction determine the durability and shelf life of your packaging. The chosen materials also determine the potential risk of bag punctures, leaks, and tears. Therefore, choosing a higher quality bag will ultimately mean fewer problems down the road. There are typically 2-3 layers in the construction of a stand up pouch. There is an outer layer, a middle layer, and an inner layer. Each layer provides a barrier of protection to protect and preserve the contents from environmental elements including moisture, UV light, oxygen, and external odors.

The OUTER Layer

Copious Bags® offers several exterior options; natural kraft paper, black kraft paper, and our matte frosted exterior. The outer layer of the pouch communicates your brand message and what draws a customer to your product. The natural kraft paper pouches have an earth friendly, all natural, small-scale production look and feel. Nothing says NATURAL like kraft paper. Whereas, the black kraft paper stand up pouches have a powerfully alluring look that is combined with the natural feel and texture of kraft paper. But, keep in mind, kraft paper is not used solely for its good looks. Quality kraft paper is strong, extremely durable. It has a resistance to punctures and tears. The porous, natural texture of kraft paper makes it ideal for labeling and hand stamping. Our matte frosted stand-up pouches have a very captivating and compelling look that will enhance any product. The greatest benefit of our matte frosted stand-up pouches is that they are water-resistant. They too can be customized with labels, hand-stamped with permanent ink, and hot-stamped.When it comes to packaging your products, you want to avoid using cheap, poorly constructed kraft paper pouches. Insist on high-quality natural kraft paper rather than inexpensive imitation kraft paper.  Insist on Copious Bags®. There is no substitute.

The MIDDLE Layer
This middle layer can be made of different film materials, but most commonly used is either (AL) aluminum foil, (VMPET) a metallized film, (PET or PETE) polyethylene terephthalate.

(AL) Aluminum Foil – an aluminum foil layer barrier keeps your product fresh for approximately 20 months, compared to 13 months when metallized (VMPET) barrier film is used. Aluminum foil film has a much higher end appearance and offers better protection. Copious Bags® uses only aluminum foil to line our bags, never metallized.
(VMPET) – a metallized film often used in lower quality packaging. Although it does offer barrier protection, this cheaper material does not offer the long term protection that aluminum foil does. This metallized film has a metallically appearance and is not very appealing to the customers when the bags are opened.
(PET OR PETE) – a thermoplastic polymer resin of the polyester family that’s used in packaging for food and beverages, personal care products, and many other consumer products.

The INNER layer

The inner layer a stand up pouch is extremely important, especially when using them for food packaging. The inner lining is the material that comes into direct contact with your product. The most common material used for stand up pouches is (LLDPE) linear low-density polyethylene. This material is used widely throughout the packaging industry because it is FDA approved and is safe for direct contact with food.The inner layer is also what makes Copious Bags® stand up pouches heat sealable. Heat sealing your bags gives your product a tamper evident seal, thereby giving your customer the confidence and assurance that the product has not been opened or tampered with.

The GUSSETTED bottom
The expandable bottom gusset is what gives a stand up pouch the ability to stand freely on its own. Copious Bag® stand up pouches have a very sturdy, u-shaped gusseted which allows the pouch to stand prominently without collapsing.

The stand-up pouch is dominating the packaging world. Top brands are transitioning from traditional rigid packaging such as jars, canisters, tins, and boxes to the flexible stand up pouch. The bags are stored flat whereby saving valuable retail space. And, because they are extremely light weight, companies are saving a ton in shipping and freight costs.

Can I put Copious Bags® stand up pouches in the freezer?

Copious Bags® stand up pouches are not specifically designed to be used in the freezer, however, the Matte Frost stand up pouches are made of a waterproof material, and can be considered for a frozen product. Whereas, the kraft paper stand up pouches have an uncoated paper exterior that will become wet and show water marks. So, as always, we recommend that you order samples to ensure your satisfaction with the size, material, and the compatibility of our bags with your product.

Are Copious Bag® products FDA approved?

Absolutely! All of Copious Bags® products meet the requirements of the FDA for direct contact with food.

Are Copious Bags® pouches BPA free?

Yes. All of Copious Bags® products are BPA Free.

Can I add boiling water to Copious Bags® stand up pouches?

Copious Bags® stand up pouches are not specifically designed to be used for boiling water or pure liquids for that matter. However, we recommend that you order samples to ensure your satisfaction with the size, material, and the compatibility of our bags with your product.