4 Reasons to Choose Stand Up Pouches as Your Flexible Packaging

If the limitations of rigid packaging threaten to cost you too much in the way of money, wasted package space, unremarkable shelf impact, product spoilage, and let’s not forget about the shipping or warehousing headaches, then maybe it’s time to switch to flexible packaging — stand up pouches in particular.

These pouches offer a hard-to-beat combination of visual appeal, product protection, space savings, and environmental responsibility. Let’s take a look at four smart reasons to choose stand-up pouches for your flexible packaging needs.

Reason 1: Reliable Protection Against Spoilage

A huge number of consumer products can go bad from exposure to moisture and/or oxygen.

When exposed to moisture, products such as soap can start lathering up inside the package long before anyone has the opportunity to use them. Food can become stale, dry out, lose flavor, or even develop mold. If you sell perishable items, you must use packaging designed to protect them.

That’s where stand-up pouches shine. Poly pouches naturally defend against the elements; whereas paper pouches offer a natural look and feel while featuring an internal poly liner that offers the same barrier protection.

Another unique feature is that stand-up pouches are available with air-tight, resealable zippers that allow customers to conveniently reclose the bags to keep their products fresh, use after use.

Reason 2: Attractive Brand Visibility and Product Self-Promotion

You’ve probably figured out one major advantage of stand-up pouches just from their name. These products have a gusseted design that enables them to stand up on their own on the store shelf.

This upright orientation turns the product into its own billboard. The billboard effect scores even more points with customers when you select a pouch that promotes your brand in a compelling manner.

You can choose from natural or black paper with or without transparent windows or all-translucent poly-bags that show off the contents within. As icing on the cake, the space-saving form factor allows more of your product to stand on the shelves, while your customer will appreciate how little room your products occupy in their pantries.

Reason 3: Cost-Effective Packaging

The most secure and reliable packaging in the world will do you little good if you can’t work it into your budget. Fortunately, stand-up pouches are not only relatively affordable to begin with, but they can actually save you money in the long run.

This form of packaging requires less material and lends itself to mass production. As a result, you’ll find that you spend a fraction of what you’d spend on traditional packaging. The larger your order, the bigger a volume discount you may receive, adding to the cost-effectiveness of this approach.

Reason 4: A Sustainable Option

Sustainability has become a key point, not only for environmentally-conscious consumers but also for the companies that serve those consumers. The old days of wasteful overpackaging with non-sustainable products are on their way out.

If you care either about the ecosystem or how your customers feel about the ecosystem, stand-up pouches are an ideal response. They can be made from recycled and/or recyclable materials that help to minimize your packaging’s carbon footprint and overall environmental impact.

The sheer efficiency and flexibility of these pouches also mean that you’re not using more packaging material than absolutely necessary.

Reason 5: More Efficient Distribution and Warehousing

Stand-up pouches have the flexibility to lie flat and can be stacked together in a relatively tight space, while contributing minimal weight to the larger container in which they’re housed. This property makes it easy to squeeze more of your product into a given shipping container or truckload.

Your products will take up fewer pallets which take less time and effort to load and unload reducing your distribution and warehousing costs. The relatively lightweight of stand-up pouch bags can even help to reduce shipping trucks’ fuel consumption (a point that also counts toward the sustainability benefits).

As you can see, stand-up pouches make a perfect choice for your flexible product packaging needs. All you need now is the right source of those stand-up pouches — and you’ll find that source right here at Copious Bags.

From our volume discounts to our quick, efficient shipping, you’ll never have to worry about your stand-up pouch orders. Why not browse our products and place that first order today?


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