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Whether you’re a conscientious business owner or an imaginative creative, choosing eco-packaging clearly shows your commitment to the making a difference. Mindful packaging is good for your product, the consumer, and the environment. We advocate eco-packaging for several important reasons, however, the focus of this blog is – waste and space.

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Stand up bags, also known as flexible packaging, reduces the weight and the overall volume of disposal household waste. Due to its self-contained design, these eco-friendly pouches requires no additional packaging material – no useless outer boxes, no annoying plastic clamshells, and no unnecessary ties or clips. The reclosable, reusable, refillable features result in a huge reduction of waste compared to traditional single-use packaging. Their lightweight construction also reduces wasted transportation cost, fuel consumption, and environmental pollution. When it comes to efficiency, function, and value – stand up pouches are the packaging choice.

According to the Flexible Packaging Association,

The life cycle attributes of flexible packaging demonstrate many advantages across numerous packaging applications. Flexible packaging starts with less waste in the first place, greatly reducing landfill discards.

Another added value is that stand up pouches contribute greatly to a reduction of food waste. Packaging your product in a convenient, airtight zipper bag provides barrier protection that keeps your product fresher longer, while dramatically extending the shelf life.


One of the key design features of stand up bags is space saving element. Pouch packaging occupies up to 95% less space than its rigid counterpart when empty. Space is a valuable commodity, especially in retail. Say goodbye to bulky, ginormous boxes and pallets of inventory. Because stand up bags are shipped and stored flat they have a massive space-saving advantage over bottles, jars, and tins. This, in turn, saves not only space but overhead cost.

Copious Bags® eco-pouches also take up far less room on store shelves, in landfills, and in the home. Stand up pouches are made with 75% less packaging material by weight. Therefore, when empty, the bags require fewer pallets and trucks for distribution and storage.  Energy and transportation cost are dramatically reduced.

In conclusion, eco-packaging is about creating an economically and environmentally friendly option for your business and the consumer. Choosing conscious packaging for your products will make them stand out amongst the sea product brands. Keep in mind, because your packaging is reusable, reclosable, and refillable, your brand name will continuously be on the mind of your customer.

Join the mindful movement that is working towards a cleaner and healthier planet.

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